Newsletter No 174 of 27 January 2024

Action alliance against housing shortage and urban destruction, Newsletter 174

Protest against vacancy of GAG apartments,

27.01.2024 , 11 a.m., Ricarda-Huch-Str.31,

For the fifth time, we will stand in front of the GAG service office on Saturday and walk to the vacant apartments in Elias Gut Straße. On Monday, the Mülheim district council will discuss the issue again in a topical hour at the request of the Left Party.

In his speeches at the rallies, Kalle Gerigk has called for new expert opinions because there are considerable doubts as to whether the demolition of the houses is necessary. An expert who worked for GAG himself then sent us this note: Serial refurbishment: Solutions from construction practice

Rumor has it that the Bethe Foundation is also intervening. GAG claims: “The effort required to prepare the apartments for this is disproportionate and not economically viable.”  The Bethe Foundation is prepared to cover the costs of moving into the apartments and is also prepared to buy the houses outright in order to make them accessible to homeless people as quickly as possible.

In view of the protests against the AfD, Rainer Kippe recalls the speech given by Gerhart Baum, the former Minister of the Interior and alternative honorary citizen, on 13 August 2023 at an event on Wiener Platz against growing homelessness: “Cologne has a serious problem and it’s time it was tackled, otherwise it will play into the hands of the AfD”

January 27, 2024 – Commemoration of the victims of the National Socialists

This year, at 6 p.m. in the Antoniterkirche, the more than 70,000 prisoners who were forced to wear the green or black angle on their clothing in the concentration camps will be remembered. On 13 February 2020, the Bundestag adopted a motion by the CDU/CSU and SPD entitled “Recognition of those persecuted by the National Socialists as ‘asocials’ and ‘professional criminals'”. With the exception of the AfD, which abstained, all parliamentary groups voted in favor of the motion.

Klaus Jünschke was invited to speak on behalf of Aktionsbündnis gegen Wohnungsnot und Stadtzerstörung about the historical analysis of the stigmatization and persecution of marginalized groups and the current situation of homeless people in the city.

“No one is asocial”

How the term “asocial” came about: “It emerged around the turn of the century in 1900, initially in a rather unspecific way. The French sociologist Emile Durkheim says that the child is born asocial and must first be socialized. Or Sigmund Freud said that the dream was asocial because it was only for oneself.”

The association of the term with the underclass began around 1910, when the word appeared in connection with social work.

“But it was not yet in common usage. It did not appear in the spelling dictionary until 1929. And is used for the lowest class of welfare recipients.”

At the time, welfare institutions not only wanted to provide makeshift care for the so-called asocials, but above all to educate them: to lead the asocial elements back into mainstream society.

From 1933, according to Wolfgang Ayaß, the National Socialists then used the term for all kinds of people who did not fit into their world view.

“So asocial were then the beggars, the vagrants, also groups that were referred to as gypsies, but also destitute alcoholics, people who were in arrears with maintenance payments. And, in particular, all welfare recipients who were considered work-shy.”

And all these people were no longer to be put back on the right path, but eradicated.

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27.01.2024 , 11 a.m., Protest against vacancy of GAG apartments, Ricarda-Huch-Str.31

27.01.2024, 18 – 19:30, Day of remembrance for the victims of the Nazis. Antoniter Church

28-01.2024, 5 pm, Current hour on the GAG vacancy in the Mülheim district council

29-01-2024, Film screening: ALTERLAA Forever. About the largest social housing park in Austria’, named Alterlaa. Filmhaus, Maybachstr.111

30.01.2024, 10:30 – 16:00, Day of action for homeless people for the right to housing Düsseldorf, Bahnhofsvorplatz & FFT

31.01.2024, 7 pm, Housing keys instead of handcuffs, reading of “Gefangen & Wohnungslos” with Dr. Nicole Bögelein, Christina-Maria Greve, Klaus Jünschke, and another former prisoner. TH Cologne, Ubierring 48, Room 201

05.02.2024, 7 pm, “M’r welle en neu Stadt baue”, Historical Archive, Eifelwall

06.02.2024, 3.30 pm, Council

01-07.04.2023 Housing Action Week 2024

07-09.06.2024 The 10th Right to the City Forum in Berlin

10-11.06.2024 Assisted living after release from prison

11.09.2024 Day of the homeless

For a city without homelessness

For a city without evictions

For a city without drug-related deaths

For a city without violence against women and children

For a city without deportations

For a city without poverty

January 27, 2024

Klaus Jünschke and Rainer Kippe


Appeal for donations

We need money to further improve our public relations work:

Donation account MachMit! e.V.  IBAN: DE53370501981011342704

Purpose: Action alliance

To discuss further actions, we will meet on Monday, February 5, 2024 at 7 pm at “Recht auf Stadt Köln” in the open meeting place of the Bürgerzentrum Alte Feuerwache

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