Newsletter No 144 of 01 July 2023

Action Alliance against Housing Shortage and Urban Degradation, Newsletter 144

SSM e.V. invites to the solidarity party on Saturday, July 1 from 4 pm.
SSM e.V. has been successfully operating autonomous services of general interest in Cologne-Mülheim for more than 40 years. Hundreds of people who previously lived on the street and on social benefits have gotten back on their feet in the last 30 years through the self-determined work at SSM e.V., and many still live and work on the SSM premises at Düsseldorfer Strasse 74. This free work by SSM saves the city of Cologne almost 400,000 euros in social costs every year.
On June 30, the SSM’s 30-year lease with the city of Cologne ends. Although MachMit! e.V., the supporting association of the SSM, has already been trying since 2018 to finally negotiate a follow-up leasehold contract with the city of Cologne, it has not been possible to conclude such a contract with the city administration.

Rally for the tenants of Wallstraße 31 on July 8, 2023 in front of the house of the owners Im Hasengarten 11, 50996 Cologne-Hahnwald.
When we stood in front of the house Wallstraße 31 on April 22, we protested not only against the owners of the former hotel, but also against the city of Cologne. See our newsletters 134 and 135.
In the meantime there is the public promise of the city of Cologne for the preservation of the apartments in the Wallstraße 31 and the promise to support the owner with the legalization of the apartments.
Lokalzeit Köln from minute 3:30 Wallstraße 31—-166.html
Not approved as a residential building
Eviction threatens – City of Cologne continues to wait for important application

For a city without drug deaths
The Stadt-Anzeiger of June 24, 2023 reports on the daily stupid petty war between police and drug addicts. See attachment.

Der Spiegel wrote on 17.08.1992: “German drug policy is on the verge of a turnaround. Prosecutors and police chiefs now consider the hunt for dealers to be futile. To spoil the drug mafia’s business and alleviate the misery of fixers, SPD politicians and drug experts believe there is only one recipe: heroin from the state.”

Heroin was approved as a drug by the German parliament on May 28, 2009.

Approximately 70 of the estimated 4 – 6000 heroin addicts in Cologne receive the drug. For the majority, methadone is supposed to fix it or they are supposed to see where they stay in getting the cash for the substance they need.

The Federal Drug Commissioner reports new highs in registered drug deaths.

The police are not fit to treat drug addiction, but they are taking the addicts’ dope and arresting their dealers. Are the police just doing their duty? What kind of laws are they invoking with their stupid petty warfare when they can’t even secure the drug addicts’ right to exist?

Green council members Elisabeth Thelen and Ossi Helling interviewed Jörn Foegen, then head of the Cologne correctional facility, at the end of 1997:
“The crucial thing is that we say a drug addict is sick. Then I ask myself, what is he doing with me? Am I a senior doctor or am I a prison warden? If they are sick, then I have to give them the drug. That’s the drug at the moment. A Swiss trial has even shown that it is better to give decent heroin right away instead of methadone. If the necessary addictive drug existed under medical supervision in another form, then we would have solved both, the sensible handling of the drug and the infection problem.” (From an interview with Elisabeth Thelen and Ossi Helling in December 1997 for “rathaus ratlos” No. 105, 01/1998)

On July 21, 2023, the drug deaths will be commemorated again. Last year a new high was reported.

Policies that do not ensure that social and health offices become solely responsible for drug patients, and no longer the police, give the right wing room for their law-and-order propaganda, as if there were a lack of even more repression of all things, and these policies stimulate desires in the citizenry to take matters into their own hands.

Deaths from Ecstasy: No power to the drug misleaders
Two teenage girls have died from ecstasy. Instead of bans, what’s needed is thoughtful legalization, controlled dispensing and more help.!5940377/

To read
Barbara Schönig and Lisa Vollmer: Housing question(s) without end and everywhere?! Six theses for an interdisciplinary housing research.
Timo Buchholz: Space for social movements

broadcasts, messages, news

No apartments in the Laurenz Carrée? Local time Cologne in addition starting from minute 3:17:
Expropriation of large housing corporations: There is no milder remedy
The socialization of housing is not only feasible, but also necessary – if affordable rents are to be guaranteed for those with lower incomes.!5940206/
The free housing market has failed
Expropriations in Berlin: Commission of experts to present its final report at the end of June
The expert commission on the expropriation of large real estate corporations plans to present its final report next week. Then it will be the turn of the black-red Senate.
In prison for fare evasion – Is everyone equal before the law? | Docu | NDR | 45 Min
Study on Hamburg’s housing market: The rent explosion is just coming
Hamburg’s Senate and housing industry are celebrating themselves for their actions so far. But now the real estate industry wants even more help from politicians.!5942657/
Major raid at Adler Real Estate: 175 investigators search properties in seven countries
Authorities have been investigating executives and partners of the real estate group for more than a year. Now investigators moved out across Europe to conduct searches.
In the U.S. metropolis of Los Angeles, some 50,000 people live on the streets. Mayor Karen Bass wants to change that. How can that succeed?!5940317


07/01/2023, 11 a.m., protest rally against GAG’s antisocial development.
01.07.2023, from 16 o’clock solidarity with the SSM, Düsseldorfer Str.74, 51063 Cologne
17.08.2023, 15:30 Social Committee
For a city without homelessness
For a city without evictions
For a city without drug deaths
For a city without violence against women and children
For a city without deportations
For a city without poverty
July 1, 2023
Klaus Jünschke and Rainer Kippe

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