Newsletter 124 of February 10, 2023

Rally against evictions and vacancies
and for the accommodation
of all homeless people in lockable single rooms

We insist on housing all homeless people in lockable single rooms.

We insist on the conversion of all multi-bed rooms in the emergency shelters into lockable single rooms.
To emphasize this, last Saturday we stood in front of the empty 80 apartments in Friedrich-Engels-Strasse for the last time for the time being. We will protest against the vacancy in the coming months on Saturdays from 11 am from week to week in front of other vacant apartments and houses.
On Saturday, February 11, 2023 we will be from.
11: 11 clock in front of the vacant house at Engelbertstraße 37.
Already on 26. 09 2019 asked the left in the district council downtown:
Why does the housing inspectorate not go in an appropriate form against the
announced vacancy of the house Engelbertstraße 37 act?
Reports in the Cologne media followed.
Stadt-Anzeiger 01. 03. 2020
City Revue 30. 06. 2021
If the city does not act, we act.

Quality standards in the regulatory housing of homeless people.
Friday, 03/03/2023 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.
The event is free, registration should be made by 02/28/2023 at the following link:
Quality standards in the regulatory housing of homeless people.
The organizers, the Catholic Federal Working Group for Assistance to the Homeless informs about this event:

The emergency housing of involuntarily homeless people has always been a problematic area.
It happens again and again that the accommodation is implemented in such a way that many people do not want to take advantage of it and prefer to spend the night outside. Standards have so far been defined by the courts, although case law is also inconsistent.

The German Institute for Human Rights updated and published guidelines for minimum standards in regulatory housing in September 2022. In August 2022, the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia presented recommendations for the design of regulatory accommodation.
Although they are not legally binding, they describe the requirements for implementation and specify standards that must be met. We will present and critically examine the publications.
We are pleased that we were able to win experts for this, who created the publications, but also experts who critically examine the specifications.

Dirk Dymarski and Corinna Lenhart, SwM, Freistatt
Jürgen Schneider, Poverty Network
Claudia Engelmann, German Institute for Human Rights, Berlin
Jürgen Thomas, MAGS NRW, Düsseldorf
Prof. Volker Busch-Geertsema, GISS, Bremen
Karl Heinz Ruder, police law expert, Emmendingen

To read
Issue 10 of sub\urban, journal for critical urban research:

The intimate city – cultures of queer connection
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Young and homeless
The private housing company Deutsche Wohnen, now part of the Vonovia Group, cares too little for homeless people in Berlin. Deutsche Wohnen is obligated to keep 230 apartments free each year for people in special need. But the company has not complied with this for years, according to a previously unpublished response from the Senate Department for Social Affairs.!5913459/
The Free State is clearly missing its housing construction target: instead of 10,000 affordable homes, the state-owned BayernHeim will have a maximum of 682 in its inventory by the end of 2024. This means that 93 percent of the apartments promised by Prime Minister Söder are missing.,TUAgLYk
A new alliance wants to expand the rent movement: The initiative “We don’t pay” calls for a strike on ancillary costs


02/14/2023, 5pm, Roncalli Square One Billion Rising Cologne: Worldwide Day of Action against Violence against Women* and Girls*
02.03.2023, 15:30 Social Committee

23.03.2023, 3:30 p.m., Council

25.03.2023 Housing Action Day

For a city without homelessness
For a city without evictions
For a city without drug deaths
For a city without violence against women and children
For a city without deportations
For a city without poverty
February 11, 2023
Klaus Jünschke and Rainer Kippe

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